Media Symposia specialises in the production of high level conferences, reports, exhibitions and related sponsorship. Media Symposia combines deep experience in conference design and planning with strong networks of expert groups from academia, government, industry, the arts and the media. 

Through the monitoring and analysis of the latest research and opinion across a range of vital topics, Media Symposia identifies the most important trends and themes, and develops networks of expertise to produce high quality conferences, reports and exhibitions.

Media Symposia works for clients and also produces its own events. We have experience developing commercial relationships with sponsors and strategic partners to deliver excellence.

Media Symposia's directors have between them several decades' experience in publishing, journalism, research and production of conferences. Key areas of interest include science and technology, Artificial Intelligence, philosophy of mind, ethics, the media, inequality, cyber security and financial technology.

We are also experienced in arts sponsorship and PR, supporting galleries, museums, artists, digital cultural heritage and the production of high quality apps.

"It was certainly among the better conferences I have ever attended. This was partly due to the high quality of the speakers. In addition, I enjoyed the format of the conference." - BNP Paribas

"A stunning exercise in sponsorship...and in cultural diplomacy between two countries." - Financial Times on Houghton Revisited art exhibition

"I found your conference of unusually high calibre." - Director, Group Mergers & Acquisitions, BAE Systems


Artificial Intelligence - Ethical & Religious Perspectives - Science & Human Dimension Project conference
Jesus College, Cambridge, 16-17 May 2019

The Singularity Summit - Imagination, Consciousness, Memory, Agency - Science & Human Dimension Project conference
Jesus College, Cambridge, 26-27 September 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Sci-Fi Film & Literature - Science & Human Dimension Project conference
Jesus College, Cambridge, 15-16 March 2018

Memory & Imagination in Humans and Machines - conference - Science & Human Dimension Project conference in collaboration with Google DeepMind
Jesus College, Cambridge, 21-22 September 2017

The Court of Redonda - Stephen Chambers, Venice Biennale Exhibition
Ca' Dondola, Venice, 10 May 2017
Support and marketing for exhibition patron

REPORT - Rustat Conference on Ageing
Rustat Conference, Cambridge 23 March 2017

REPORT - Rustat Conference on the Future of Work
Rustat Conference, Cambridge 22 November 2016

REPORT - Blockchain - Beyond Bitcoin
Rustat Conference, Cambridge 29 September 2016

REPORT - Superintelligence & Humanity - AI Conference
Rustat Conference, Cambridge 2 June 2016


Artificial Intelligence in Science Fiction - Documentary
Media Symposia director Johnny Cornwell, in his role supporting the Science & Human Dimension Project, produced a short documentary on AI in Sci Fi based on the discussions at the recent Cambridge conference which brought together AI experts with Sci Fi writers and academics.

Media Symposia supports Artificial Intelligence conference series
The Science & Human Dimension Project, a public understanding of science, tech, engineering, medicine, and maths, based at Jesus College, Cambridge since 1990 works closely with Media Symposia to deliver a conference series on AI and the future of humanity, between August 2017 and July 2019.

New Scientist report of Rustat Superintelligence Conference
Editor of the New Scientist reports on our recent Rustat Conference on Superintelligence and interview with conference speaker Google DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis.

The FT endorses sponsorship of Houghton Revisited
An article in the Financial Times FT refers to Houghton Revisited as 'a stunning exercise in sponsorship, led by BP, and in cultural diplomacy between two countries'. Media Symposia led corporate sponsorship efforts for the exhibition and worked closely with BP to secure their lead sponsorship.

Houghton Revisited App
Media Symposia works with digital media expert Wide Eyed Vision to produce Apps - the Houghton Revisited exhibition App is now available as a free download - July 2013.

Cyber Security Forum - Report Published
Media Symposia produces the Cyber Security Forum - the conference report is now available along with a set of recommendations. Please click here to read the report.

Cyber Security Forum
Cyber Security's Role in Securing Britain's Economic Prosperity

A Forum for Business held at the Department for Business Innovation & Skills

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